Kriteria MGPWA 2014 (MAMPU)

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The speed, consistency, and reliability of loading pages on the website

Criteria  Explaination 
Loading Time Ideal loading time is 10 seconds and below

Conditions: Site Performance assessment must be undertaken during peak hours

Peak Hours:

– 10.00am to 1.00pm, and
– 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Assessment to be undertaken by using an online tool “Search Metrics Rapid”,46.html


The usefulness, convenience, and variety of online features and tools available on the website

Criteria  Explaination 
Aids, Tools & Help Resources       Refers to information beyond User Manual of online services, such as the tips provided by eFiling by LHDN


a) Tips
b) Guidelines
c) Manual
d) Flowchart
e) Video Tutorial


a) All of the online services provided in the website must have either one of the five examples
b) FAQ is not considered as Aid, Tools & Help Resources

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) A list of questions that are frequently asked by the website usersCondition:

a) Must be created to answer specific questions related to the agency

Adviseable to provide contact details of the relevant officer of the agencies in order to allow users to enquire or send
questions that are not provided in the FAQ section

 Feedback Form Feedback / Comment refers to the opinion expressed by users with regards to the website functionality, usage
experience or related agency’s issuesConditions:a) Complaints are not considered as Feedback
b) Signing up and logging in to the feedback form are discouraged
 Feedback Auto-Notification Upon submission of Feedback, a notification must be prompted / displayed to inform user that the Feedback has been
sent / received and the time frame for feedback responseReference / Tracking number is encouraged to be included in the notification messageExample: Pop-Up message after clicking the “Submit” icon that inform the user that the message have been received
by the system and to expect a reply by a time frameCondition:a) Time frame for expected response from the agency
 Number of Online Services Online Services is defined as services that can be fully transacted onlineThese include any Government to Citizens (G2C), Government to Bussiness (G2B) or Government to Government
(G2G services)E-Payment is considered as an Online ServiceMaximum of 5 Online Services to be assessedConditions:a) End-to-end services without off-line transaction requirement
b) Services must be provided within the website domain
c) Intranet , Complaint and Feedback forms are not considered as Online Services
d) Should the Online Services are not published on the website domain, the ownership of information of the Online
Services will be verified
Broadcast Brodcast refer to the Announcements, News and Latest Changes in the agencyCondition:

a) The section should not be left blank. If there is no update / annoucement, it must be displayed as “No latest
annoucement is available”

Electronic Archive Archive of articles, news clipping and announcementsConditions:

a) A minimum of 1 year archive information is made available
b) Archive is relevant to the agency and its portfolio

Mobile Web/Version A version of the website that is adjusted to be viewed using mobile devices such as smart phone, tab or iPadThe version must be simpler than the full desktop version or if it’s the same version, the view is tailored to the size of
the mobile device i.e. using responsive designAnnouncement on the feature, QR code or Mobile icon must be displayed on the desktop version to inform users of
the availability of the mobile web / versionA QR code may be used to notify the availability of the Mobile VersionConditions:a) At least one of the mobile web / version must be fulfilled
b) Must be displayed on a mobile device such as smart phone / iPad / tab
 W3C Disability Accessibility Websites are required to comply with level A of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0Condition:

a) Usage of Online Tool: WAVE –


 Notification of Transaction To provide notification after a transaction is completedConditions:

a) For each Online Services must provide the notification of transaction
b) All the Online Services must provide the notification of transaction

 New Media All that is related to Internet and interplay between technology, images and soundsExample of new media are blogs, video sharing, Image sharing, RSS Feed, webcast, webinar, widget, tag clouds,
pinboard and podcastMaximum of 5 New Media channels to be assessedConditions:a) Additional technology such as Web 2.0 is considered part of New Media
b) Social Media feeds must be updated regularly
c) The new media incorporated in the website such as QR Code, tag cloud, resonsive design, mobile apps, e-book
reader must be error-free
d) The Live Chat representative must be online during the set time frame


The accuracy, quality, and freshness of news, information, and content on the website

Criteria  Explaination 
About Us       Provides information on the respective unit or department

It may be provided in a dedicated section or incorporated in the introduction page

Audio/Video An audio clip or a video clip refers to a segment of video or media files containing audio or video that has both an-in time and out-
time within a larger video elementStreaming or downloadable audio clips are clips with only sound that were recorded for listening purposeConditions:a) Background music is not considered as an audio clip
b) Flash is not considered as a video clip
c) Both the audio and video clips must be related to the agency
Contact Details Contact details refers to information by which members of the public, business, or entity can use to reach the agencyConditions:

a) Telephone – Telephone numbers that allow users to contact the respective unit
b) Address – Information that allow the users to contact the respective unit by mail, as well as location of the agency
c) Email – General e-mail or webmaster email address

Multi Language Malay Language content must be made available for all websitesEnglish Language content is encouraged, subject to the following conditions:

All the content within the website must be translated into English

Discrepancies between Malay and English must be avoided

Translation via online tools is not permissible

Content in third language, for example Mandarin / Tamil are optional for the websites. The use of online tool is permissible with the

Notice of disclaimer is displayed to inform users of its limitation and risks

Publications Publications refer to information that are made available online or in a downloadable mannerConditions:

a) Majority of the publications / database must be made available online
b) All the links provided for the information / download are active links
c) Journal / Publication abstracts are not considered as Publication
d) May utilise online application such as e-book reader

Updating Activities Updating activities refer to the update and review of the information on the website undertaken by the agenciesThere are 6 elements of Updating Activities:

a) News, Activities, Updated events
b) Announcements Information and broadcast
c) Newspaper clippings, statements or articles
d) Poster / Banner
e) Tender / Quotation / Recruitment announcements
f) Minister, Deputy Minister and Senior Management of the agencies

Must observe the updates in any of the 6 relevant sections


The organization of the site and options for navigation and how well the layout helps you find what you are looking for

Criteria  Explaination 
Homepage       Home Page length refer to the size of the home page of the website


a) Scroll-down of the page must be 3 pages or less (measured by “Page Down” key on the keyboard)
b) Resolution: Maximum of 1280 x 800


No Broken Link Ensure that all hyperlinks are not dead linksUsage of Online Tool:W3C Link Checker


a) Intranet is not considered as part of Broken Link
b) Files such as .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .css, .js, .ico, lang=bm, jsessionid are not taken into consideration
c) Only links that originate from the same domain are taken into consideration

Personalisation Segmention of the website to cater to specific audienceIt is a convenient approach to direct users to the right information and services


a) Links are provided for specific users of the website

Example: Students, Parents, Teachers

Sitemap Refers to an interactive table of contents whereby the content of the website are linked directlyMost often, it is a textually organised model of the website content to provide an overall outlook of the website mapping

In recent years, more complex dynamic and interactive Site Map have been developed and used by the websites


a) Links are provided for the content listed

Link to myGov myGov is the Official Portal of the Government of MalaysiaIt serves as the main gateway to all the websites of Ministries, agencies and states


a) Hyperlink to myGov portal is provided by all Government websites


The relevance, organisation, and quality of search results available on the site

Criteria  Explaination 
Search Within Website       A facility to seek general information of a website by typing keywords into the search function


a) The search function must be internal, within the agency website

Searchable Database       Refers to searches that access information in specific section of the website or database


a) Searches result / information derived from specific section of the website or database

Example of specific section: staff directory, circular, image gallery, news article


Online Transparency refers to the level of details, speed and accessibility of the website in disclosing information on its objectives, roles and functions

Criteria  Explaination 
Client’s Charter       Client’s Charter is a compulsory information to be displayed in the website


a) Client’s Charter must be indicated specifically and are measurable

Achievement of Client’s Charter Achievement of the Client’s Charter must be attached to the Client’s CharterConditions:

a) Achievement must be updated on monthly basis
b) The past two months achievement must be included

Statistics of Online Services To provide updated number of transaction for all of the available online servicesConditions:

a) Statistics must be updated on monthly basis
b) The past two months achievement must be included

Feedback Response Feedback response refer to the response provided by the agency for the enquiries made by the usersCondition:

a) Agency has to respond within 3 working days upon submission of feedback / comment by a visitor

Online Services Security Any form of security measures on the online servicesConditions:

a) Availability of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
i)   SSL
ii)  Digital Certificate
iii) Captcha

b) At least one of the Online Services must provide any of the above security measures


The visual appeal of the site and its consistency throughout the site

Criteria  Explaination 
Look and Feel       Conditions:

a) Maintain the same look and feel on every page
b) Consistent header, footer and side panels

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